Divorce Information To Save Your Marriage

Discover The Top 5 Reasons Why Couples Get Divorced

Reasons for divorce in marriage are as complex and different as the marriages that fall apart, however their are also a range of common reasons. Before now, divorces were a terrible statement, but no more. Of course, divorce and the explanations behind it are very widespread in our society. The main reasons as to why couples divorce are: abuse, addiction, boredom, change, cheating, child rearing, faith, culture, money, poor communications, and intimacy problems.


stress leads to divorce

Why Do We Argue?

Marriages are relationships based on love, commitment, and common purpose; however, every day hundreds of couples decide to call it quits and get a divorce. There are a lot of reasons as shown above why marriages don’t work, but some of these reasons are common to the majority of broken marriages. Some couples learn to work out their differences, and others don’t. By knowing the common pitfalls, maybe you’ll be able to avoid them in your own union. What are some of the main┬áreasons couple get divorced?


Lack of Communication

One of the biggest issues inside marriage is an absence of proper communication. Couples who are effectively and joyfully wedded speak openly with one another. While this communication doesn’t need to be an ardent, drawn-out discussion, it is fundamental to the marriage. By communicating frequently with one another we tend to share our problems easing there impact on us as the saying goes “problem shared is a problem half solved”. So at the point when this breaks down then we are not in a position to relate with our companions as we should hence chances of divorce tend to twinkle in.


Poor communication can cause fighting, strained speaking and misunderstanding that breaks many marriages. Couples counseling can assist spouses to communicate in better way, and marriage counselors can work with wives and husbands to enhance how they communicate with one another. If one partner become bored with his or her spouse then happy marriage will certainly be troublesome to keep. There will be bickering and fighting, typically for unfamiliar factors, even more so in absence of good communication. Married partners who can’t speak about emotion or express themselves openly, truthfully and liberally would possibly end up in divorce court



Not having enough money to cater for family expenses and necessities at many a times brings about constant worries and problems that results in a divorce. Couples who have issues or problems when it comes to cash are more vulnerable to divorce than their counterparts. Given the fact money is the majorly the source of livelihood then lack of makes marriage life difficulty. With nothing to spend or raise children with marriage life becomes so constrained and prone to divorce. Many married couples tend to divorce when marriage life becomes bitter due to lack of finance to sustain it.


Behavioral change

Some negative actions are so upsetting that the marriage life simply cannot withstand it. And sadly, some addictive behaviors from either the one of the partners may not manifest themselves until the couples have been in a marriage for quite some time. If one spouse has been a drug addict or alcoholic and he or she has been hiding it then finally when the other partner becomes aware of it he or she may end up filling a court divorce. On the other hand the change of behavior could have only emerged after marriage which becomes intolerable to the other partner. This change of behavior either newly emerged or an existing one which has always been hidden leads to many couples ending up divorcing.


Ill-treatment doesn’t simply refer to physical ill-treatment. It encompasses emotional and mental ill-treatment too, which are probably much more troublesome to coexist together than even the physical type of abuse. When one partner suffers maltreatment at the face and hand of his or her partner which is physical, mental or emotional, the patient may sooner or later file for a court divorce to move out of the marriage. If the mistreatment is harsh, filing for a divorce from a controlling partner would possibly be tricky. Abused partners can seek protecting orders from the court during divorce processes. Other spouses at times may not have been abused but leave because of maltreatment to kids or animals.

Such things as abuse, violence, and addiction can ruin a marriage quicker than anything else. Although one spouse may put up with this sort of treatment for awhile, the fabric of the partnership is already in tatters after it happens the first time. Be fair to your significant other and always treat them the way you yourself want to be treated.


Dishonesty and Infidelity

Dishonesty and lack of trust are one of the main reasons marriages fall apart. It’s next to impossible to live side by side and maintain cohesive lives if one spouse doesn’t trust the other. This is true on both sides of the coin, too. First of all, if there is reason not to trust, if one partner constantly lies to the other or if one spouse betrays the other with infidelity, how can this marriage get stronger and continue to grow?

On the other side, if one spouse continues to harbor unfounded suspicious of their partner and thinks he or she is cheating on them even when the problem doesn’t actually exist, trust has broken down, and the marriage will ultimately fail. To make your relationship long-lasting, develop a strong, honest trust and pursue it all of your lives together.


Blaming every problem in your marriage on your spouse instead of accepting partial responsibility is going to shove you apart every time. Since few problems rest on the shoulders of just one individual, that person is bound to get tired of being the scapegoat. For some reason, lots of people can’t seem to admit that they aren’t perfect, and this creates a bone of contention between them and their partner.


In conclusion knowledge of the above top 5 reason for divorce is very helpful for a couple who are married or who intends to marry as they can use them to prevent ways which can lead their divorce hence avoiding divorce costs which are heavy to bare.